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Sandblasted Glass uses in homes and offices for privacy and designs purposes. If you are concern about your privacy but doesn’t want your room or area to block the light then sandblasting is the best option. Sandblasting on glass make the area permanently frosted. You cannot see thru the glass, but only light can be passed through. You can also engrave your logo or strips lines you probably have seen in the office. Usually, in office, they use half frosted (sandblasted) to maintain the privacy of their employee and papers on the table. Some offices where the glass partitions are installed between the passage, they use strips to make passerby peeking inside their cabins or inside meeting rooms.

Frosted glass dubaiFrosted strips limit direct contact inside the cabin, but when passerby want to stop and look, they can easily see what’s happening inside the cabin. Sandblasting is also used in shower cubicles because glass never get any fungus or bacteria and it is effortless to clean while maintaining privacy and light.

Difference between Sand Blasting and Frosted Stickers:

Sandblasting glass makes it permanent and it cannot undo as sandblasted glass. Frosted stickers are used for temporary or quick way to get the glass frosted. If you need a new glass you can ask to get it sandblasted at the time of placing the order. If you want to sandblast your existing glass which is installed inside your office or home then the technician will remove them and take it back to our warehouse and then install it back again at its existing location. To remove and refix might take 2 -3 workings days to complete the job or it can be more depending on how many glasses need to be sandblasted. If you want to use frosted sticker or film then it can be done without removing the existing glass and our technician will apply the stickers or strips or as per your given design at your home or offices.

Pros and Cons of Sandblasting Glass or Frosted stickers

By now you know what are the difference between sandblasted glass and frosted sticker. But there are some pros and cons for both of them. Our guide will help you decide what is the best option to choose.

Sandblasted Glass Pros & Cons

✓ Permanent ✓ No Maintenance ✓ No Water or Heat Damage
✕ Non Removable ✕ Time for uninstalling and Refixing ✕ Cost

Frosted Glass Sticker

✓ No Need to Remove Glass ✓ Design and Logo can be changed ✓ Flexible Design ✓ Temporary PurposeInsert Content Here
✕ Maintenance cost ✕ Need to replace in 1 – 2 years ✕ Get Scratches ✕ Water Damage if too much water ✕ Heat Damage if too much heat ✕ Not permanent


How to Clean Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted Glass can be cleaned with water or any glass cleaning sprays. It will not damage sandblasting in any way. You can frequently clean the glass without it scratch or destroy or fade sandblasting from it. For 5 to 10 mins sand will soak water which can easily get dry within a few minutes by itself. The same way you can clean sandblasted glass door, sandblasted glass window and glass panels.

Sandblasted strips for office and meeting room dubai

Sandblasting Glass Windows

Lower level houses where passerby can see through need sandblasted windows to protect your privacy and at the same time light can pass through or you can see the shadow if someone is at the window. It is mostly used in the kitchen area where passerby or customers cant sees inside the kitchen. Staff also don’t get disturbed by a passerby. In kitchen sandblasted glass windows is used because it is easier to clean the grease, it will not get damaged even it is frequently clean, more hygienic and long-lasting.  Shadow can be visible up to 50 cm to 100 cm range. Having sandblasted window can avoid a lot of accidents which can occur when other person doesn’t know whats at other ends. Sandblasted glass window panels can be used in hinged window and sliding windows.

Sandblasted Glass Doors

Sandblasting doors in your home and offices or at shower areas can be very useful for people. If the light source is shared then light can pass through the glass door. Many accidents can be avoided as well when you know if someone is pushing or pulling door. If it is installed in the kitchen you can see if someone is very close or any trolley is close by then other people can give way to that. Shower door in shower cubicle can also reflect the shadow if someone is inside, or at the time of coming out of a door, u don’t hit anyone nearby. Most accident happens when a toddler is just by the door, at the time of coming out they might get hurt with the force. The sandblasted glass door will also protect your privacy if guest or friends are visiting, they won’t look thru your shower cubicle door. Sandblasted glass door panels are best used where you want to give your bathroom, kitchen or office a modernized look and no maintenance expense. Many ladies and men saloon sandblasted glass front doors for their shops. There many sandblast design glass doors and custom designs which can be made on order.

Sandblasted Mirrors

The sandblasted design on the mirror is also one the growing from past few years. People don’t like overhead tube lights which looks pretty old fashioned. Sandblasting on borders and having a light source at the back will hide all the wirings or unwanted tubes. It also gives very softly and even lighting which is also good for taking pictures, it will look like that you are using some kind of high soft light gear which used by Photographers. Mostly women are taking bathroom selfies and they get those very harsh strokes from tube lights.

Sandblasting logo on Glass door

We know how important your logos are to you and your company. A logo is your company identity, and everyone wants their customers to see that first thing when they come inside your door. Sandblasting your logo permanently on your glass door will make your customer recognize your brand by just looking at the logo. If you are going with frosted stickers which need frequent replacement can be very bad for your company as you will see a lot of scratches and tear if you are not replacing the stickers after every 3 -9 months. By Sandblasting

Sandblasted Glass Panels

If you need long lasting and maintenance free glass partitions then sandblasting your office glass is recommended. You may have visited hundreds of offices in your lifetime and you probably went and saw some of the messy and damaged frosted stickers which never get replaced for years. You will be seeing trolleys or shoe stains covering on those stickers or scratchy patches on stickers which completely turn off anyone looking at it. Sandblasting Glass partition not only keep in check your privacy same time it will be scratchless and cleaner to look at. You should know that your staff whom you teach how to keep their desk neat and tidy but at your end, you don’t want to use permanent sandblasting glass at your end.

Sandblasted Glass Designs

Sandblasting is done through heat and shooting sands on the glass to make it frosted. To prepare the glass for sandblasting it get protected stickers which can be cut in any design. The first step is to paste the sticker on the glass so it unwanted area get protected and any design can be paste on top of the glass. The area where it needs sandblasting get cut out as per the given design and then it gets sandblasted in its special room. Sandblasting design for doors are usually logos of companies which they prefer same as per for windows.

Shower Glass Partition

Shower Glass partition or fixed Shower glass partition beside the door or open partition for showers need sandblasting on glass. Never install frosted stickers on shower cubicles, jacuzzi, Spa or anywhere it is direct contact with water or wet moisture. Sandblasting on shower glass partition is the only way to go when it comes to using in shower areas at home, near swimming pools or in the changing rooms.

SandBlasting strips

You have probably seen in many offices they keep half frosted and half strips design. You probably never know the reason of using those strips other than design. Sandblasted strips are used in staff areas or in meetings rooms. So, let’s talk about without strips first that where strips can be useful and where you should avoid strips. If your office is cabins and meeting rooms are in between your office passage then it is good to use strips because of passerby will not notice what happening inside till they stop and really wanna see. If you are not using strip which can be in live cooking areas where you want your customers can look what’s happening inside. Strips blocks 80% of a passerby who is walking past your meeting room or staff cabins. It will also increase the productivity of your employee working at their station, so they won’t have unwanted distractions.

Sandblasting boxes

You probably heard this term that I need sandblast boxes which means customers referring to sandblasted boxes designs. We can do any custom design in boxes, rectangles, triangles or anything shape you need.

Sandblast Office Partition

Sandblasting office partition can be done in many ways as per requirement of a people and companies. Common used sandblasting design for office partitions are as follow:

  1. Half Sand Blasted and half Clear
  2. Half sandblasted and half strips
  3. Full Sandblasted
  4. Full strips sandblasted with 10 cm gaps

Privacy Glass (Full Sandblasted)

The term privacy glass means someone is looking to protect their safety so they need full glass to be sandblasted which is commonly used in changing rooms, Swimming pools shower areas, swimming pool changing rooms, Spa, Morrocon bath areas, shower area, gym showers, kitchen, wardrobe etc.

Sandblasted Toughened Glass

Many people want to know that if after glass getting toughened (tempered) can it be sandblasted? The answer to it is Yes!. We have done sandblasting for many offices and homes existing glass which was tempered, so without any hesitation, if you have a toughened glass, it can be reused and any custom design can be made on it whether it is door panel, window panel or glass partition panel.

Sandblasting Image on Glass

Any kind of picture or image can be sandblasted on the glass. We have completed a project which is sandblasting picture of H.H. Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan in Golden Tulip Inn Hotel in Al Ghantoot, Jabel Ali.

Sandblasting Service in Dubai

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