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Dogs can be a pain when it comes to entering and exiting your home. But dog doors are a great way to get them out of the house for an hour or two. This means you’ll have more time with your doggy! If you’re looking for sliding door dog door installer near you, then look no further.


Keep your family, kids, and pets safe with the new DOG DOOR.

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Expert Dog Flap Installation Dubai Services

Find the best traditional dog doorway solution for your home with well-trained assistance! “Need a door for your doggy? We’ve got the perfect solution for any door or wall you’re looking for!”. Through the tests, we have found that old-fashioned door-mounted solutions still prove to be the best passageway solution for your dog for most applications. We have a wide selection to fit both the largest and smallest of your fuzzy, four-legged friends. Whether you need a big, jumbo-sized dog door for your Great Dane or a small, cat-sized door for your Siamese, you can find the right door at Park Aluminium and Glass.

Doggy Door Sliding Glass Door Solutions in Dubai

Sliding glass doors are often a preferred type of installation for a dog door and the installation can initially seem to be a bit tricky, but with a call to Park Aluminium and Glass, we can install it for you. Park Aluminium and glass offers custom easily-fitted sliding glass doors that they will help to install into sliding glass doors easily. These consist of a powder coated same color aluminium frame with a window at the top, a fixed glass panel and the dog door at the bottom. Sliding panel doors on the same existing track restrict the space for people to get through, even though they save space in the sliding opening. The solution for this problem can be resolved by adding a swing type panel. The panel will come in swing type, we need to do is add a frame to the existing panel to install a swing panel which will give you full access to the sliding door.

Some other options for pet doors are a sliding door, an autoslide self — closing heavy-duty door. This motorized unit will slide your door open part way for your dog. With the great powers of this invention, you will be able to turn it off, lock it, and then release your pet with ease.

Doggy Door for Large Dogs

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Doggy Door for Medium Dogs

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