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Glass Door Installation and Maintenance Service in Dubai

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When you are in Dubai, Glass doors can be seen in malls, hotels, hotel lobby, gymnasium, bathroom, shower areas, bath cubicles, offices, restaurant, schools, hospitals and Almost everywhere possible. You have probably seen and admire the beauty of glass doors. Now what you have seen in other places, it is your chance to order a new glass door. Ditch your old wooden door which will block the light and beauty of your home, offices, apartments, villas, penthouses etc.

Park aluminium and glass is a leading glass door supplier, fixer and undertake all types of repairing & maintenance services related to the glass door. Offering you all-around solution when it comes to glass doors. Glass door maintenance can be carried within hours.

Glass doors can be customised as per any dimension and anywhere where you want it to install. We have listed down some of the glass doors you can order right away.

  • Sliding Glass door
  • French Glass door
  • Single leaf and Double leaf Swing Glass door
  • Glass door with hinges
  • Glass door with a floor machine
  • Glass door double patch lock top and bottom
  • Glass door with bottom lock
  • Glass door without lock ( can be used in SPA, Swimming pool areas and Sauna )
  • Glass door with S Type Handle
  • Glass door with C type handles
  • Glass door with H type handles
  • Frameless glass door
  • Glass door cabinet and wardrobe
  • Glazed Glass door
  • Shower Glass door
  • Glass door for office partition
  • Glass panel door
  • Interior door with glass
  • Exterior door with glass
  • Shop front Glass door
  • Glass front doors
  • Glass pocket doors
  • Glass closet doors
  • Glass tub door
  • Bathtub glass doors
  • Pocket sliding glass doors

Why should you go for Glass door?

Glass door dubai

Glass doors after getting tempered get unbreakable from the middle. It won’t get rusted; it is easy to clean without damaging it, you can see thru the door at the same time controlling dust or noise. A frosted Glass door is installed in shower areas because they are water resistance, hygienic and durable. Wooden doors and aluminium doors are not suitable when it directly in contact with water. Wooden door get damage and fade its colour if it is exposed to the sun. The light won’t pass through aluminium doors and they are industrial than residential or commercial.

Glass Door Maintenance


Glass Door Floor Machine Installation

Dorma floor machine replacement in dubai park aluminium

Sliding Glass Door Repair

Repairing sliding glass door dubai

Glass Door Hinges

Replacing Broken Tempered Glass

Replacing broken tempered glass in dubai

Glass door floor machine replacement service in Dubai


Glass door patch fitting replacement

Replacing patch fitting for glass door in dubai Park glass company

Glass doors lock and Patch fittings

Patch lock for glass door fitting installation

Glass door speed adjustment and alignment

Glass door replacement

Bathtub and Shower Glass door

Shower cubicle glass panels and doors with handle dubai

Sliding Glass door rollers

Glass door cabinets

Office Glass door fixing Dubai

Glass door installation for office in dubai

Sliding door track





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