Frameless Glass Partition

Frameless Glass Partition

There is no better solution for creating an illusion of light and space than glass. Frameless glass walls give a modernised and unique look for your homes, offices and shower cubicles. Glass walls will allow light to pass through and blocking sound which will be keeping the cabin soundproof and protect the privacy of each room.

Replacing broken glass

Our frameless glass walls are protected with 3 cm highest quality Stainless steel mirror finish channels which will be creating the illusion of frameless glass partition for corporate offices and commercial spaces. Our team will help you with best options when it comes to how much thickness of glass, sandblasting logo for your office doors, strips design for glass panels or any other design you are looking for in frameless glass partition. All the area where glass partition needed to be installed will be measured and the pathway will also be measured to see what is the best size suitable to be fixed.

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