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mosquito screen replacing service in dubai park aluminium and glassThe flyscreens are set up inside or outside of the aluminium frame or its install insider roller frame. It will help your family, pets, and food protect from mosquitos and dust. In winter people in Dubai and All over middle east countries love to enjoy the fresh air. It is beneficial for human beings and animals. Most of the year in summer people like to turn on Air condition, but less they know how it is harming their health. But winter in UAE is like blessing the temperature is around 18-23 degree Celcius throughout till April/May. So, it is the best time to rest your air conditioner and start to fresh breath air. Flyscreen also helps users to reduce their utility bills, doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria and fungus, keep away insects & mosquitoes, doesn’t support nesting by wild rodents. No need for bug spray on the skin of your toddler, loved ones and friends visiting you at your house. Do not compromise or get fooled that your area, apartment or community is safe by pest control spray. These bugs, insects, and mosquitoes can fly in from open window or doors.

Our fly mesh gives you and your family best protection against smallest bugs, mosquitoes, and insects. You don’t have to worry knowing you have a new mesh which serves as a natural insect repellent and allow best air ventilation throughout your house and office. We love to hear from our customers that they want to keep out insects and enjoy fresh air in winters ( U.A.E). Most of the toddlers are prone to insect bite allergies, so a fly screen door is a MUST HAVE.

Our professional team will assist you with replacing existing broken or damaged flyscreen. If you don’t have a fly screen frame in your door or window, we can fabricate a new aluminium frame according to the dimension of the opening.

Flyscreen protection from mosquitoes in dubai

Flyscreen Replacement & Repairing

Removing broken and damaged mosquito screen in dubaiIf you have a dusty flyscreen that means it has not been replaced for years. You are not only inhaling dust but it is also disturbing your quality of life and sleep. Many people ignore a few bucks and then have to spend a huge amount of money on their hospital bills.

Keep your family, kids, and pets safe with the new flyscreen. Our fly screen repair Dubai, will not only keep insects away but also protect you from dust and small dangerous particles in the air. It works as a filter to give you clean air just like you have seen it in your home appliance, like air conditioners and coolers.

Do not wait and speak to our team for scheduling a fly screen replacement service at your home or office now. Your protection is important to us, our team will not leave until you are satisfied with the quality of our work.

Types of Fly Screens & Window Screen Replacement

Flyscreen comes in have almost 3 types which serve a various purpose. Sliding windows and doors uses aluminium fly screen, fibre wired flyscreen are used in rolling / bi-folding horizontal and vertical into the aluminium frames, stainless steel fly mesh is used in high towers domes and industrial usage.

Aluminium Flyscreen: Used with aluminium doors and windows in villa, apartments and  offices. Flynet can be replaced easily within 30 mins per frame.

Bifolding Fibre Flyscreen: Used in most communities along with UPVC frames. This can be replaced withing 15 mins.

Stainless Steel flyscreen: Long lasting for commercial and industrial purpose only. Not replaceable.

fabric fly screen replacement service in dubai

Fly screen window

Fly screens are a great option for ventilation and security in Dubai. Park aluminium and Glass have been around since the mid-2000s, but their popularity has grown significantly in recent years being the best fly screen mesh suppliers in UAE. Fly screen window fabrication is a specialized trade that requires expertise with materials and tools to create custom-sized fly screens. Our company offers professional fly screen window installation services, as well as repairs on damaged or broken fly screens.

Fiber Mesh Door, Window Repair and Fabrication for Villas and Apartments in Dubai

You have come to the right place! We are a company that specializes in Fiber Mesh door and windows fabrication. Our team is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality flyscreen frames and mesh at competitive rates. From repairing villas and apartments, our team has the expertise to handle any project of your choosing. Get in touch with us today for more information about how we can help you improve your living space.

Custom Mosquito Nets for Windows in Dubai

It’s always a good idea to protect yourself from Mosquitoes. A mosquito net for windows is one of the best ways to do so, and there are many different window styles that may require custom mosquito netting. For example, some homes have unique windows in their front porch or living room that might not be able to accommodate standard Mosquito netting sizes, We at park aluminium and glass make custom sliding or folding tracks to make mosquito net run on its own aluminium track. If this sounds like your problem, then we can help you out! We have been fabricating custom Mosquito nets and mosquito net repair/repalcement for Windows in Dubai for over 15 years.

Fiber mesh replacement for window and doors

Customized Fiber Mesh door and windows fabrication in Dubai is the most popular trend these days because they are long-lasting, washable, and won’t get torn easily. These doors and windows offer a great opportunity to have your own customized design, but they also provide excellent insulation from flies, bugs, and mosquitos for your villa or apartment.

Fly net replacement for sliding window

Flyscreen replacing for sliding door

Fly screen aluminium frame

Changing fly screen wheels

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