Door closer fixing and installation

Door closers are essential for many areas where you want to keep the door closed. Most of the times doors are left open after using or when someone is in a hurry. Door closer makes your life much more accessible and keeps your home and workspace very safe. Door closers work on the hydraulic mechanism which controls the speed and motion of the door. Most of the spaces required door to be closed after usage, so it compulsory to use door closer. Door closers can be installed at home entrance door which can keep children and pet safe.

Door closer installation in dubai

Door closer can be installed on your existing door on the edge of the frame. Most old homes or apartments or villas have a wooden door, and there is no control mechanism to adjust the speed or any things to close it automatically. Door closers can be installed on all types of door materials which includes Aluminium doors, wood doors, steel doors, uPVC doors, Metal doors, and fibre doors.

You have probably seen door closers installed inside building an entrance, building back access, car parking areas, kitchen areas, lobbies, passage, hotels, cafe, sheesha cafe, restaurant, cafeteria, cooking areas, security rooms, etc. for safety and dust control purpose.


Door closer repair service near you

Door closers can be repaired within a couple of hours depending on the brand of door closer is installed. Many customers complain us for a noisy door closer, a door closing at high speed, the door closing fast then slowly closing, the broken door closer which cannot control speed anymore even with fixing its speed, hydraulic oil leak, hydraulic issue etc. In Dubai, it is recommended to replace door closers rather than trying to repair its hydraulic or oil leak. The cost of door closer hydraulic repair will be more than a price of new hydraulic door closer with 1-year company warranty. If you are living in a sandy area, near beach or door closers are exposed to the sun then you need to grease the door closer mechanism for better durability.

How to repair hydraulic door closer

There is only two option when you are planning for fixing a hydraulic door closer repair in Dubai. The first option is simple you need to remove the cover of the door closer, which can be different as per which brand door closers are installed.

Before carrying out, you should read hydraulic door closer manual supplied to you when you purchase it. The door closer is for 80 kg medium duty door, 110 kg heavy duty door or light duty door. For some door closer you need to remove the cover on top of the door closer whereas in speed adjustment screws are found on top or bottom.

Dorma Door Closer Installation

In Dubai dorma door closers are recommended to be the best of all other door closer. Dorma door closer is installed in malls, offices, homes and other places due to its lifespan. Dorma machines also come with a 1-year warranty and capable of handling heavy usage. The cost of dorma door closer is a bit on high, but it is 100% value for money. Dorma door closer comes for all types of doors used rarely or frequently. Dorma is without a doubt satisfies general functional requirements and offers a quick fix for all door needs.

door closer fixing

Dorma door closers come in various model numbers which are suitable for all right and left side doors:

  • TS 72
  • TS 99
  • TS 71
  • TS 93 series
  • 8900 series
  • 7400 series
  • 7300 series
  • 8600 series
  • EMF/EMR Series

Note: You can call us to check availability before placing an order.

Door closer fixing Dubai

Door closer fixing dubai

Yale Door Closer Fixing

Yale door closer features an adjustable closing and latching speed for doors. Yale door closers offer the combination of reliability and durability. With a vast range of models and features, it has a door closer for all types of doors. Our team of professional can fix or repair yale door closer within minutes. Yale door closer will surely make your life easier with giving doors mobility.

  • Yale surface mounted door closers
  • Yale Overhead Door Closer (Silver)
  • Yale Door Closer 2122
  • Silver Overhead 722 Series
  • 5800 Series Cast Iron Door Closers
  • 4400 Series Institutional Door Closers
  • 3000 Series Architectural Door Closer
  • 2700 Series Architectural Door Closers
  • 51 Series Industrial Door Closers
  • 1100 Series Industrial Door Closers
  • YDC200 Series Economy Door Closers
  • 1900 Series Traditional Door Closers

Note: You can arrange an appointment to inspect your door purpose before we are recommending you the best option for yale door closer fixing and installation.

Geze overhead door closer

Geze is also a big brand when it comes to floor machines and door closers.  Geze also comes for fire rated and smoke protection doors from small light duty doors to high duty doors. We are offering Installation for all-purpose door solution for Geze brand door closers for single and double leaf doors. Whether you want to fix it in your home, office, apartments, villa or industrial areas. Overhead door closer with link arm, single leaf

  • Overhead door closer with a guide rail, double leaf and single leaf doors.
  • Overhead door closer with link arm, double leaf and single leaf doors.

Devon door closer Installation with and without covers

Union door closer installation and fixing




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